Rants & Raves: Nobody Cares

Stop. Right now. Whatever it is you are doing cease & desist. Not because you are doing it wrong, not because now isn’t the right time, but because ultimately no one gives a rat’s ass….that’s right NOBODY CARES! Your girlfriend broke up with you? So what! You lost your job! Join the freakin’ club, padre! Nobody is losing sleep over the fact that you can’t seem to find “purpose” in live or that your cousin has been visiting state prison like Club Med since you were 11…in the end, it won’t matter. Your boss still wants his report on time, you girl still needs QT, a dinner and a movie and some jewelry on Valentine’s Day. The DMV, bank or your favorite department store will not – WILL NOT – stay open just one more hour to accommodate the last minute shit that was thrown at you at the last minute. Won’t do it. No matter how much you beg, plead, kick and scream….the world will continue without you and not miss an eye blink……sorry if I ruined your morning…..but you know what?………right…who cares.

You should. The world is filled with over six billion different stories and the amount of progress that would have to NOT happen just so you can complain about your boring life would be unimaginable if multiplied by six billion. Does that mean you are less important? Of course not! You just have to know your place, that’s all. Put it this way: you shouldn’t put more priority to you than is necessary because they could always be worse, and at the end of the day you do yourself no good by harboring on them or waiting for the rest of the world to notice. The guy that drove your bus this morning to work….his wife probably left him a few months ago, the chef at your favorite restaurant needs a kidney transplant because it looks like his might be failing, the pilot that landed your flight last week is worried about getting fired and witnessing a 20-year pension go up in smoke.

But they still showed up to work…to do what they had to do…even though they probably would rather be licking their wounds somewhere and waiting for the world to notice. Imagine if the president of your bank closed it every time he had a bad day…..he might have more than a bad day come time for people to get out their money! I say all this to say, people, depend on you….including YOU…and you do no one any good by thinking stopping and waiting for someone to notice your hurt will help you move forward…it only delays you. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be this rock of Gibraltar moving through devastating event after the other with not so much as a tear. No you are a human being. My point is just this: keep moving, appreciate the attention you do get, just don’t always look for it. Or get angry behind it. At the end of the day…YOU are your biggest fan.

– Khalid Sumner


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