Rants & Raves: The Importance of It All

I am not too sure about the rest of the population, but I am currently in awe of people who have just recently “come back” from a recent trip. We can label it “hate” if you will. And I shall explain.

In the past 18 months, the United States economy and overall moral has gone the way of the dinosaur. That’s right folks; Americans think America is in the toilet! Who could blame them? A record number of home foreclosures, month after month of layoffs and to add insult to injury MetroCards in New York City might go up another $22. (I tell you someone wants anarchy in the streets!)

Is it just me or are the aforementioned just a bit more pressing on the minds of the average Joe? I mean, I am sure my life is full of wonderful sights and sounds that I need to be humbly grateful for…but at the moment the impending foreclosure on my house, uncertainty about my crappy job as well as overall gloom at my 401(k) looking like I was better off stuffing dollar bills in my mattress are taking precedent.

So when I hear friends say “I just got back from a trip to Trinidad Carnival!” or “I got to get these new shoes on sale!” I always wonder, “What economy are YOU living in buddy?” A $400r plane ticket to Cancun sounds RIDICULOUSLY expensive right now…but I know people who are saving up. Am I the only person in dire straits with their finances living desperately from check to check? Is it just ME?

Of course not. So let me get to the point of my small tirade.

Things suck. We get that. The point of the matter is, how will we fix that? This recession might be bad for the rest of America, but if you have been Black for the last 400 years in this country, economic stimulus my ass… the economy is regular to us. It just feels different for everyone else, which makes it a problem. Leading me to my next point which is….who cares? I mean things are bad, yes, but that does mean you have to make them cripple you. Sure, a lot of people are getting laid off and there are tons of companies folding, but does that mean you can’t find a new job? No, it doesn’t. It just means it will take more effort on your part (read: A LOT MORE). By allowing the state of America to bring you down, well, collectively you are just adding to the problem. We need more solutions out there.

Do your best to maintain the things you loved to do that helped you be you. Go to the movies, take in a Knicks game, plan a trip to a place you always wanted to go. Now, I’m not saying go to Italy over paying for your mortgage, no. But I am telling you that sacrificing your sanity to help save an extra $100 a month may not be worth it…even in this economy…be smart. But don’t be depressed. Food for thought…

– Khalid Sumner


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