Rants & Raves: Stranger Fruit

“What doesn’t kill only makes you…stranger” – The Joker, The Dark Knight (2008)

Besides being a great line from an even greater movie, these few words speak volumes on how society actually separates its heroes and villains, celebrities and Joe Schmoes, the haves and the have-nots…well maybe not the last thing but you get where I’m going.

Separation! Yes people, say it with me: SE-PAR-A-TION…sometimes it isn’t the smartest people or richest people who we idolize or are fascinated with. Sometimes it’s the folks that aren’t like us, that challenge the status quo and force us to take a look at ourselves and just how boring we really are.

The WEIRDOS of society – those people who refuse to confirm to the socially accepted norms that the majority of us deem as “correct” or “right” – are our benchmarks. We measure ourselves against them. Without them we would not know how to judge ourselves…or so we believe. The psycho path who went on a killing rampage in Connecticut last week makes your constant jaywalking and littering in the streets seem like nothing. You need that. You crave that to help you justify anything in your life that could remotely be looked at by the masses as “incorrect.” We use one another in a way most convenient to ourselves. My advice? STOP IT!

Be a weirdo!

Think about it. The people who are weird are also the people who we remember.Flavor Flav is WEIRD to me…but he had FIVE SUCCESSFUL seasons of Flavor of Love that we watched religiously. Creative talents we all weren’t blessed with (read: singing, acting, drawing, painting) but we all know what the “NORM” entails.  The walk, the talk, the dress, the thoughts… we know what the actions are that would distance us from these things. And maybe we need the distance. If not to be remembered, at least to forget or escape from ourselves for a moment, maybe to regroup.

The people who have invented some of the most useful tools in our existence, thought of the most insightful theories on relativity and created the most memorable works of art…have all been extreme weirdoes. People who society used to point fingers at and benchmark themselves saying, “I am ok because that person isn’t.”  You might want to emulate one of these people. You will be remembered. And you will stand out.

– Khalid Sumner


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