Five Questions I’d Ask Jay-Z

Why did you make Kanye buy two tickets?
Seriously… the dude made a few hit records for you by then (Izzo, Guess Who’s Back, Encore, etc.). The LEAST you coulda did was give him one ticket to a Roc-A-Fella show. I hope you didn’t have half of Marcy, their friends and Beyonce’s half-sister’s baby cousin in there and left out Mr. West, because that would have been wrong on so many levels.

Which Dame Dash signing sent you over the edge? Cam’ron or Ol’ Dirty Bastard?
I know you said in XXL that the Cam’ron move wasn’t necessarily the straw that broke the camel’s back. But I know ODB had to be a head scratcher. Come on, admit it.
What do you think when you see Dame Dash flipping out because he didn’t get invited to a Def Jam meeting about you, meanwhile pulled that Cam’ron move?
I think I can answer that one for you. “Oh, the irony.”

Why was Joe Budden’s progress at Def Jam seemingly stifled when you became president of the label?

Full disclosure: Joey is my favorite rapper. OK, stop laughing. Seriously. The kid is nice. And that’s what gets me, Jay. He’s NICE. And he seems to get it. His first album had two bangers (Pump It Up and Fire) and went gold with damn near no promotion…and he gets stuck in a drawer for five years? Some people have said you seriously viewed him as a threat…and I can honestly believe that. What happened? Did he look at Beyonce funny one day? He stepped on your S Dots? You tried to make him collaborate with Amil?

Would you…or could you…ever write an autobiography?
I mean, of all the rags-to-riches stories that exist, yours probably would have some of the greatest background leading up to starting Roc-A-Fella. Throw in the breakup…the whole Un Rivera thing…Beyonce…Joey…it would be a great story…and even a better movie.

That’s all…for now…

– William H. Strafe


One thought on “Five Questions I’d Ask Jay-Z

  1. 1. Actually, Kanye got 2 tickets – he wanted 4.

    4. He wrote an Auto-biography with Dream Hampton called “The Black Book” – it was supposed to come out at the same time as “The Black Album”. After the book was complete he read it and say 30% of it was prosecutable, so it got shelved. Dream has the manuscript – what I wouldn’t give to read it.

    Dream also says that Elliot Willson (former editor and chief of XXL) is working on a Biography of the rapper. Since it’s a biography and not an auto-biography, he’s not accountable for anything illegal that pops up in the book… we’ll see if that ever hits the shelves.

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