Two Can Play That Game

The other day I saw this post on Twitter (I’m paraphrasing here):

“It’s a nice day in Harlem, and there are a lot of cute white boys out today!”

To the poster: if you’re reading this, no need to get upset. Because I’m not upset. Look at all the cute white boys you want (that’s what she said) and make your comments as such.

All I ask is that you don’t get mad/offended/angry/pissy when I do the same about the cute white girls running around Harlem nowadays.

Also, poster, (do you mind if I call you poster? Thanks!) I am not saying that you would get mad if I made that post, because I don’t know you very well. HOWEVAH, I do know that you are a black woman, and…

1) You taking offense to me making said statement would not surprise me.
2) I KNOW there are plenty of black women who would be bothered by the mere comment of how Lindsey looks in her hot pants as she jogs across 110th Street.

Ladies, you can front if you want. You know I’m right.

This goes all the way back to undergrad. God forbid…

…I walked across the quad with Liz whom I had a class with freshman year and was catching up on old times. I MUST be sleeping her…

… or I’m eating while talking to Paula in the student center discussing our upcoming student government meeting later that day. I HAVE to be putting it in her butt…

…or if you see me and Becky sitting in the library after midnight together studying for our astronomy midterm tomorrow (because she’s a star in the class and I’m asking myself why the hell I took astronomy in the first place). I GOTTA be doing things to her that I can’t mention here.

And if you’re a tall, twin brother DARKNESS* like myself, this gets magnified by 75%.

You know…field slave working on the cotton fields eyeing massa’s daughter on the porch, she looks back, even though she know she shouldn’t…the rest is history…

There’s nothing wrong with sexy commentary across racial lines, my beautiful black women. Just remember that two can play that game, angry black woman.

Besides, you have plenty of other things to be angry about…like why those dudes are letting all your girls in VIP except for you.

Until next time…

– William H. Strafe

* – As I typed that line, “Mary Jane” by Rick James came on. No bullshit.


One thought on “Two Can Play That Game

  1. Black women who have to bring light to race are upset about Black men who date white women. Most Black men do not sit around saying, “Oh there’s some fine ass white women over here.” They are like, damn look at those titties… and off they go. It is after the fact that the type of woman is described. Usually like, “Damn J, I ain’t know you was fuxing with the bunnies!” Dique.

    As R. Kelly says, “Just because you see me with her, doesn’t mean i’m sleeping with her.” And that applies to walking across the quad with a person outside of your race, or even now grabbing a cup of coffee. I mean, in my line of work I feel like if you see me with a Black girl, you will automatically think we’re fuxing because there’s just so few of us in this industry.

    In conclusion, white girls in the club always get invited to VIP, because they are in the club looking like they are trying to have a good time. They do not look like they are upset because Ray Ray took your virginity.

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