The Vibe Racket: Part I

So Vibe decided that we, the hip-hop- (or lack thereof) loving community needed to watch them create a NCAA Tournament-style bracket to determine the “Best Rapper Ever.”

The criteria given? None. The definition of a rapper? None.

Great job, guys.

Obviously, if you take 131 rappers and assign a rank to him/her, there WILL be reactions, like the one from my main man Joe Budden (a No. 32 seed) , who proceeded to list all the rappers ranked above him whom he would disembowel (most notably, Method Man).

(For those not caught up on that whole exchange, go here. Then here. Then here.)

We, the good people at seveneighteen, decided to take Vibe to task, and will do so in three parts:

  1. Myself, J. Mikey & Da Senator will discuss the Vibe bracket on a podcast.
  2. Myself, J. Mikey, Coach Phil (of Da Lake Squad) & Radio The Rahim (of will each fill out a section of the Vibe bracket as Vibe has given it to us, and post our completed brackets here.
  3. The aforementioned four, along with other special invited guests, will then rip the Vibe bracket up and reconstruct it as we see fit on another podcast.

First things first… William H., J. Mikey aka The Real Mike Lowery and Da Senator begin the deconstruction. Topics covered include:

  • Is Joey’s ranking fair?
  • Is Andre 3000 a top 12 rapper ever?
  • Biz Markie? Doug E. Fresh? Bow Wow?!?
  • How is Jay-Z not a No. 1?
  • Does Vibe blow?

Check out the podcast here.


2 thoughts on “The Vibe Racket: Part I

  1. You guys did well with the bracket. There was some straying from the criteria, but overall I had to agree for most of the picks. I also have to say I agree 100% with what Joe Budden was saying, some of these people i.e. Plies and Lil Bow Wow, have no business on the list, and others like are ranked higher than the should have been. I think you guys should look at Method Man’s response to Joe Budden, which in my opinion was absolutely no response at all. I think it’s absolutely reasonable to prove yourself in the booth and let the people judge.


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