The Vibe Racket: Part II (UPDATED)

(NOTE:  The second half of The Vibe Racket: Part II podcast is available. Scroll to the end of the page.)

Welcome to the nitty gritty.

Last time, we just ripped the bracket to shreds.

This time , welcome to the All-Star podcast: Streetz, Radio The Rahim, Bobby Drake and yours truly filled out Vibe’s bracket to determine the Best Rapper Ever…while ripping it to shreds.

Highlights include:

Did a certain Harlem rapper have a ghostwriter early in his career?
Take everything you hear from a Queens native about a Queens native with a few grains of salt.
The LL Cool J-Canibus battle revisited.
Which top 5-seeded rapper(s) got a 1st round knockout?
Who didn’t deserve a #1 seed?
Over/under on pause/no homo/no rainbow/that’s what she said references: 32

And a special guest appearance from our favorite correctional officer.

For the actual Vibe bracket, go here.

The podcast was so crazy we had to split it into two parts. Check out Part  1 here.

UPDATE!!!:  Part 2 of the podcast now available! Click here.


2 thoughts on “The Vibe Racket: Part II (UPDATED)

  1. You guys did well with the bracket. There was some straying from the criteria, but overall I had to agree for most of the picks. I also have to say I agree 100% with what Joe Budden was saying, some of these people i.e. Plies and Lil Bow Wow, have no business on the list, and others like are ranked higher than the should have been. I think you guys should look at Method Man’s response to Joe Budden, which in my opinion was absolutely no response at all. I think it’s absolutely reasonable to prove yourself in the booth and let the people judge.


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