Settling Down For Dummies: Old Guy Edition, Vol. 1

(courtesy of Non Stop Radio from Radio The Rahim)

Do you want to be this guy?

Whoever wants to be the old guy in the club, please raise your hand.


None of y’all?

Okay, okay fine. What about the ladies out there…

Which one of y’all wants to DATE, screw, and possibly get knocked up by) the old guy in the club.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.*

No one?

So then, riddle me this.

When is it time to say when?

At what age, should the long term pimp or player sit his or her old ass down?

Is it 25? Is it 30? Is it 40?

I don’t wanna hear [insert old ass age] is the new [insert younger age here].

Is dead the new alive? Last I heard, time waits for no man.

Here are some of the more popular excuses that we “20somethings” use to reject the possibility of settling down with the person of our choice:

(To read the rest of this article, click here.)


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