Monday Morning Rambles: Why I’m Glad I’m Tall

Just a recap of the week that was. These are my thoughts, I sleep through the night. (© @DrJayJack)

The following people can kiss my ass:

  1. Jay Cutler. God, I will never understand why people think he’s good. Here’s Exhibit Z.
  2. Kanye Omari West. I won’t spend too much time on this (after all, he’s a short guy looking to grab attention from anywhere), so I’ll make these two points. One, he’s pissed off more people than he realized. Two, BIG shout out to Beyoncé for her classy moment by giving Taylor Swift her due.

Speaking of the VMA’s, I see a lot of people giving MTV major praise for their tribute to Michael Jackson, while killing BET for theirs (or lack thereof). Now, if anyone knows me, I’m not a fan of Bamboozled Entertainment Television. HOWEVAH, I will defend them for the following reasons:

  1. BET never, EVER said in ANY official statement that they would be doing a tribute to MJ (unlike MTV, which made sure to let everyone know that one would be done) during the BET Awards in June. Everyone just assumed they would, and we know what happens when you assume.
  2. Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday, June 25th. The BET Awards were Sunday, June 28th. You cannot put together a proper tribute to the King of Pop in three days. Period. Especially when you’ve been putting together a show planned months in advance that requires countless hours of rehearsals, walk-through and practices. (Not that the material itself was spectacular – Ving Rhames, I’m looking in your direction – but nonetheless required lots of time.) For those who saw Janet’s performance last night…do you think that could have been put together in three days?
  3. With the little time they had, BET did they best they could. Honestly, getting Janet to say a few words at the end of the show was the most poignant moment. Janet could have said no to BET and stayed home and cried (and would have had every reason to), but her presence there as the (most likely) only sane Jackson child left was a heartfelt moment and should not be overlooked.

In sports…the Bengals are the Bengals and my boys looked good (albeit, against the Chiefs).

Thanks for reading,



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