How Soon Is Too Soon?

One day in high school, me and the boys ran into some chicks in Castle Hill. One of my boys seemed to hit it off with one of the chicks, and they exchanged numbers (Note: this was 1997, none of us have cell phones). About a day later, I asked him if he called her.

“Nah,” he said, nonchalantly. “Three-day rule.”

I was confused. At the time, I thought waiting periods were primarily for gun purchases and home loan approvals. You’re feeling her (or so I thought), she’s feeling you (or so it seems)…what’s the problem?

Fast forward to about 2005. Me and the boys (different boys, same me) hit the club on Saturday night, and one of them (who shall remain nameless) bagged a nice looking lady. The next day, a few of us were at @MrGetItOnJones’ crib watching football. Around 5:30 pm, I see Nameless on the phone, and from what I took from the convo, it clearly was a female.

He got off the phone after about ½ hour and revealed that it was the chick from last night. In the utmost irony (which I realize now), I thought to myself, “He called her already? Jeez, that’s quick.”

Was it really? Or was it perfect timing?

Our favorite rapper/Internet video star, @mousebudden, introduced this question on JoeBuddenTV about three months ago, telling the story of @freqshowmusic and his interaction with a young lady. Check out the clip, then tell us…how soon is too soon…or too slow?

My answer comes tomorrow.

– William H. Strafe


One thought on “How Soon Is Too Soon?

  1. I think that in today’s day and time, if you get a number and you’re interested you should call the next day. It’s the youtube era, things move at a record pace. Also, most times when we exchange numbers it’s whilst drinking, you probably will forget who she is if you don’t call soon, and vice versa.

    Back in the day when you had to go to the rotary to make a phone call a day was customary. Now with cell phones, show the chica that she’s a priority and call her the next day. Now it’s all on her to pick up or not, but she should know that you’re only calling once…

    Good post.

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