The Art of Deflection: Floyd vs. Manny

My sands, Jermaine Spradley, wrote an eloquent piece on why he believes that Manny Pacquiao is on steroids. Before you read what I’m about to say, please check out Spradley’s piece by clicking here. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Finished? Good. Now let me put on my devil’s horns and advocate for…well, no one in particular, but some things need to be mentioned.

First and foremost, Spradley is a fan of Money Mayweather. That disclaimer has to be put on the record.

Second, I read Spradley’s piece, then I watched an clip of Teddy Atlas wonder aloud why Pacquiao would turn down upwards of $30 million for this fight because of drug testing. And he was right, some things don’t make sense here…it’s just not as obvious.

Flash back to 2008. Floyd just finished whipping Ricky Hatton’s ass for 10 rounds, culminating with a knockout in the 1oth. He retires as, pound-for-pound, the best fighter in the sport at 40-0-0. He may never have to take another fight in his life, because there’s no one left to beat…except for Manny Pacquiao.

Most of you know what happens next…

  1. Everyone says that Floyd now has to fight Manny
  2. Floyd schedules a tune-up fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, who he dominates for 12 rounds (Manny needed a controversial split decision to beat Marquez in their 3rd fight in March 2008)
  3. Floyd and Manny agree to fight in Las Vegas on March 13
  4. Floyd asks for an Olympic-style blood doping test for both fighters
  5. Manny says no and gives 8,000 reasons why, most of which are admittedly wishy-washy.
  6. Fight gets canceled.

In the aftermath, Manny now looks like a fraud who only won world titles in seven different weight classes because of steroids, and Floyd can once again “claim” his spot as the best fighter in the world.

Except that…in my humble opinion…I don’t think Floyd wanted to fight Manny, and never planned to.

Think about it.

Why would Floyd agree to a fight a guy who you know is on the juice and hasn’t lost any speed even though he’s moved up ten weight classes and would probably give him his first “0” in the loss column?

Here’s the answer: you don’t fight him. You only make everyone think you’ll fight him.

If Floyd thinks Manny is a juicer, I doubt he discovered this between the day the fight was announced and the day he started asking for an Olympic-style blood test. He had to have always thought so in the back of his mind, at the very least.

The problem was Manny was beating everyone Floyd beat with relative ease. And when Manny washed up Ricky Hatton in the second round (while it took Floyd ten rounds to do so), the pressure was on. He HAD to fight him.

But instead of fighting Manny, Floyd would make it seem like he was going to fight Manny, then ask for an Olympic-style blood test (something he had NEVER asked for before in his previous 40 fights), knowing all along that Manny would balk and the fight would be off.

Now Floyd can say, “Hey…I tried,” and no one would question him.

Whether you believe Manny is a cheater or not, only one thing matters: Floyd knew he was never going to beat Manny in the ring.

And now it looks like he may never have to.

– William H. Strafe

PS – See the Teddy Atlas Interview


4 thoughts on “The Art of Deflection: Floyd vs. Manny

  1. You are correct about the deflection but you off as to the reason. Mayweather attacks Manny’s reputation by saying he is on roids, Manny responds (in a sense) with an attack on Maywether’s manhood saying he is scared.

    The kicker is none of that mattered…this fight is the end to present day boxing simply put…the rematch will draw a crowd but after that…these fighters will have no reason to fight anyone. The truth is they are the best right now…1 an 2 on anyone’s list with an opinion…here is the sleight of hand, the grand illusion this has nothing to do with some testing or fear, this is all about money and maybe a little love for the sport. They know that they can make more than the current purse…they also know that the fight will lead to the retirement of at least one of them (the winner). So as a result they agree on to fight then create drama to call it off, based on allegations that make both camps look bad none more than the other. Manny is a cheater and Mayweather is a scared, the fight is called off…in about a year at most 2 the fight will be back on and the combined purse will be about 120 mill plus maybe closer to 150.

    In the mean time bring on the rift rafts…these two will fight just to keep the light on in there mansions and preme in their Ferraris.

    P.S. Nevada is also known for one of being more lenient (compared to other states) when it comes to banned substances. Most of the other states including Texas are strict to these same banned substances…Manny is fighting in Dallas in a few weeks. Take it however you want.

  2. This is the answer I’ve been looking for. It makes complete sense. Makes me lose a good amount of respect for Manny though. Not too much though because the juice can only do so much. However, I’m a Floyd fan and I think he would whoop him out, juice or not. Off to talk shit to my Filipino friends.

  3. I’m not a fan of either boxer, but I would be pulling for Manny.

    Teddy Atlas’ comments could leave one to wonder whether or not Manny is juicing, but even in that case juicing doesn’t make your skin tougher, your mind that much more wiser, or anything else that Manny doesn’t already have. I can’t call it. I hope Manny isn’t juicing, but nothing is confirmed. Mayweather definitely comes out as being the coward, some what, but at the end of the day postponing this fight just leaves them more time to prepare and for the purse to be a little bigger.

    It’s always money. I think Floyd wants more money, to be honest.

    If this fight happened right now it might be the end of the sport as we know it. Would you agree? Truthfully, I really don’t watch any other fighter then these two. MMA is clearly taking over, and once they get past a few hurdles in the big city states, then it is over for boxing.

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