Mondays Suck: 9/27/10

– This is why I suck (click on the photo to enlarge it):

I'm the team on the left. Oy.

I would be murdering @JMikey right now if I had started either Michael Vick or even Kyle Orton (446 yards!). But I got sucked in by McNabb’s greatest passing day ever (according to Ron Jaworski).

With that said… “death” to Devin Hester!

– Speaking of McNabb and the Redskins… they’re an Alex Barron holding call away from 0-3.

– Speaking of Barron… the competitive death of the Dallas Cowboys has been vastly overhyped. As much as many of you would like to have seen Dallas start 0-3, they’re too talented for that. As for the 49ers, well… (@DrJayJack is spinning in his grave…and plotting Alex Smith’s death)

– The Town is a great movie, but it borrows a lot from… actually if I tell you the movie, I’m probably giving it away.

– I have a lot of TV to catch up on this week (in no particular order): Boardwalk Empire, The Event, The House of Steinbrenner (ESPN 30 for 30) and Hawaii Five-0 (don’t laugh, I’ve heard good things about it!)

Mondays suck…but if we got rid of ’em, Tuesday would take its place.

– W


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