The State of the Knicks Podcast

Can The Knicks "Big Three" bring New York a title?

The 2010-2011 NBA season was one of the most memorable NBA campaigns we’ve seen in quite some time, due to…

And of course, The Validation, by Dirk Nowitzki.
The Mavericks are now the champs, and 29 other teams will be gunning for them next season (if next season ever happens, but that’s another story). One of those teams, the New York Knicks, believe they have a solid foundation in place with Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. But will that be enough to win a title? And what’s standing in their way?
We tackle those topics and much more in the State of the Knicks podcast, featuring @streetztalk and @DJCEO, two huge Knick fans like yours truly.


2 thoughts on “The State of the Knicks Podcast

  1. Trade Chancey Billups for a young PG, maybe a Mike Conley or DJ Augustine

    Fire D’antoni and hire one of these guys

    Sam Mitchell
    Kurt Rambis
    Brian Shaw
    Rick Adelman
    Coach K

    do whatever you can to try and pick up some role players

    1. This may be the most uninformed response to a post by an informed person I’ve ever seen.

      Let me tell you why that makes no sense.

      1. After what Jalen Rose had to say about Sam Mitchell, I’ll pass.
      2. Kurt Rambis has 32 wins in two seasons. I’ll pass.
      3. The Knicks don’t need a rookie coach.
      4. You can’t fire D’Antoni and hire Adelman, another offensive minded coach.
      5. Please.

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