Podcast: What Is A Movie Star?

Quick! Find the movie stars in this picture!

On June 30, Bill Simmons posted a good read on Grantland about movie stars and how perceived success is the name of the game in Hollywood – that is, many people we consider to be movie stars aren’t really stars. That got me to thinking… what exactly IS a movie star?

I thought about having a round table discussion about this, but then I figured, why not just get into a shouting match with my friends? So I present myself, Cousin D & Midtown Mo discussing what a movie star is.

(Note: We were driving in a colossal rainstorm, so the background sound you here is literally the rain hitting the car.)

For those of you of mobile devices and such who want to listen, click here.

Update: According to the-numbers.com, Johnny Depp’s movies have grossed more  worldwide than Will Smith’s movies.  However, the original discussion starts as, “Who has more money?” If you look at the Will Smith site, he’s made a percentage of the gross revenue from four movies. Add that to his salary and Smtih has made $463,394,309.60 in his career. Now, if Depp has that same deal with these Pirates movies, then I lose, lol.


One thought on “Podcast: What Is A Movie Star?

  1. This was hilarious LMAO. I love the phone a wife moment from D. Gold digger is Jaime’s Fox’s most famous song. T-shirt and panties LMAO. Getting Jiggy With It (smh stop, just stop) S- “No, you look this up, we’re not continuing anymore until you look this up …He’s been looking this up for 10 minutes”.ROTFL Mo-“I will pee in here”.HAhahaha
    I think Johnny Dep is the Bigger Star, personally. I would go see a Johnny Dep movie before a Will Smith movie, because he’s just an overall more interesting character(in my opinion). Johnny Dep doesn’t seem pressed to make movies, whereas for a while Will Smith was dropping a movie every summer(kind of like Jay-Z lol). This conversation is subjective based on what you like.
    The kid friendly movies always sell more, so maybe its worth discussing ratings- G and PG movies versus PG-13 and Rated R movies. Kids will make you go to the theater more than once to see the same movie, which would improve ticket sales. Neither Will Smith nor Johnny Dep got nothing on Shrek and Donkey. I think D had a point when he said its about popularity. From a women’s point of view sex appeal is a factor in determining if you’re a star. And if you’re not sexy then you need to be hilarious. As for women, the same, the sexy get more roles, but they come and go (Angelina and Halle are 2 that have had longevity specifically because of sex appeal). Jennifer Aniston is still around simply because of the Brad and Angelina drama and her inability to keep a man, poor thing smh.
    I’d be interested to hear a discussion on Classic Movies.

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