The 5 Best Teams In The NFL: A Discussion

On Tuesday, I sent out an e-mail with this subject line:

“The 5 Best Teams In The  NFL Are…”

Forty-four e-mails later, we had a pretty interesting conversation.

We all seemd to agree with who No. 1 is. After that…

(Each participant’s favorite team is listed in parentheses when they first enter the convo).

@WilliamHStrafe (Ravens):  1. Packers 2. Ravens 3. Niners 4. Giants 5. Lions/Steelers/Texans

@TheKidSkoob (Eagles): Get the Giants outta there! 1. Packers 2. Ravens 3. Texans 4. Steelers 5. Lions
I don’t believe in the Niners or Giants…Nor am I sold on the Bengals…All playing over their heads.

@streetztalk (Giants): Skoob is an Eagles fan. Nuff said. Lol. I cosign the list. You can believe in TX but not NYG. Same NYG that just beat the god TB (Tom Brady)? Lol. We just win, baby.

@TheKidSkoob: LMAO. Texans are ballin outta control w/o the league’s best WR (best coming into the season…Megatron has that #1 spot now). AND they just lost their best defensive player!

@iamBobCanada (Seahawks): 1. Packers 2. Ravens 3. 69’ers 4. Giants 5. Steelers

@itsronnyg (Giants): Texans? Other than the Steelers they have only beat bad teams. Big Blue is #2.

@MidtownMo (Atheist): Can’t possibly put a 3 loss team ahead of a 1 loss team. Give the 49ers some respect. Same with the Bengals. You play the schedule they give you. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see the 49ers beat Houston or the Lions.

@itsronnyg: “Can’t possibly put a 3 loss team ahead of a 1 loss team.” But you have Ravens #2 and Niners #3. Typo?

@MidtownMo: I can’t put a 3 loss team ahead of a 1 loss team.  I can however put the 2 loss ravens ahead of the 1 loss 49ers due to a clearly tougher schedule & division.  We’ll find out a lot about the Bengals this week when they host the Steelers.

@WilliamHStrafe: Can’t ignore the sked for the Bengals and then reference it for the Ravens. BAL plays the 69ers this year (Good one, Canada) in the Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving night. Bengals have 8-8 written all over them…PIT twice, BAL twice, HOU, @STL, CLE, AZ. They can easily lose 6 of the next 8.

@ddixon2281 (Cowboys): 1. Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers is out of his mind right now.  Has his squad 8-0 with a 30th ranked defense and no running game.
2.  Baltimore Ravens – I’ll consider the loss at Jacksonville a letdown game.  The defense is still one of the tops in the NFL and if Flacco becomes more consistent they have the ability to do big things this season.
3.  Houston Texans – Have been without Arian Foster and Andre Johnson for portions of the season, are still 7-3 with losses @NO, @BAL, and home to a tough OAK team at the time.
4.  Pittsburgh Steelers – Solid defensively, Big Ben playing very well, and only losses come to teams higher on this list.
5.  San Francisco 49ers – They haven’t touched the easy part of their schedule, and are still 7-1, with their only loss coming to a talented Dallas team.

Honorable Mentions:
6.  New York Giants – Very solid win in Foxborough this past weekend.  Cannot overlook bad losses @WAS and home to the Seahawks, otherwise they are Top 5.  Can easily get there this Sunday with win over SF.
7.  Detroit Lions – I am not a believer in their secondary, and not thrilled with them offensively if you can limit the big play.  Did not look overly impressive with wins over MIN and DAL, still 6-2 is good enough to put them here.

@streetztalk: I’ll give you the SEA loss (no shots Canada), but WAS was beating everyone at the time too… Wouldn’t call it a bad loss. If the G-Men beat SF, then power rankings go up off GP!

@ddixon2281: Washington has only beaten you guys, Arizona, and St. Louis. Not exactly any world beaters on that list.

@MrGetItOnJones (Giants): Interesting arguments…this is who I’ve got with short explanations.

1. Packers – unquestioned best team in NFL. Aaron Rodgers is playing this game on Rookie while everybody else is playing All-Madden. Just isn’t fair.
2. 49ers – their one loss came against a decent DAL team. Won @ 6-2 DET, @ 6-2 CIN and have other solid wins v. TB and @ PHI (yes, this is still considered a solid win). If you thought their schedule was “easy” before, sheeeeeeeeeeeeet, just you wait.
3. Ravens – have them here only because of the bad loss @ JAX. Beating PIT twice is always solid. Also beat NYJ and HOU.
4. Giants – yes, I know they struggled against SEA & MIA but solid wins v. BUF, @PHI & @ NE lands them here. I’m not sure if any other team has dealt with more injuries and they’ve kept playing to the tune of a 6-2 record. Oh, and they’re getting healthy.
5. Steelers – 2 of their 3 losses are to BAL and the other one came @ HOU. They have a solid win against NE and players are getting healthy. They have the edge on HOU because Mario Williams is NOT coming back and PIT’s worst loss (@ HOU) is more forgivable than HOU’s worst loss (v. OAK).

@iamBobCanada: It’s all good fellas, I’m just happy that my team is getting mentioned in this conversation (even though it has nothing to do with them being top 5).

@MrGetItOnJones: We’ll learn a lot this week. NYG @ SF, NE @ NYJ, PIT @ CIN, BUF @ DAL, NO @ ATL, DET @ CHI. Those games will change this convo next week.

@itsronnyg: Did Haynesworth make all of his guaranteed 41M because he is not
getting another cent from any team.

@WilliamHStrafe: Ronny, don’t disrespect the thread subject or you will be removed.
Pittsburgh is a fraud, and I said this before the Sunday night game.


W L T W-L%

New York Giants             6 2 0 0.75

Dallas Cowboys              4 4 0 0.5

Philadelphia Eagles        3 5 0 0.375

Washington Redskins     3 5 0 0.375

Can the Eagles still win the NFC East? Anyone besides Skoob? LOL

@MidtownMo: Cardinals, Seahawks, Dolphins, Redskins on paper can give them 4 more wins.  Games at the Giants, at the Jets, at the Cowboys & home for the Pats. Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

@MidtownMo: also worth noting that DeSean Jackson has basically no interest in getting hit this season & Maclin has forgotten how to catch.  Furthermore, where is the defense? Invisible.

@MrGetItOnJones: I second Mo.

@itsronnyg: So you’re allowed to change the subject huh?
Not looking good. No Austin, Witten is their leading receiver. Can Murray keep rushing for over 180yds total yards per game?

@iamBobCanada: The consensus is that the Packers are the best team in the NFL right now.

@WilliamHStrafe: Yes I am. This is my thread.

@WilliamHStrafe: We seem to have a consensus on the No. 2 team also.

@MrGetItOnJones: And why did we take Skoob’s mic? I’m actually very interested in what he has to say on this topic. I didn’t see the game last night so maybe there’s info I’m missing.

@WilliamHStrafe: I didn’t take Skoob’s mic, Streetz did lol. Why you think I brought up the Eagles again?

@TheKidSkoob: LMAO…I’m loyal but not foolish.  They can but they’ll have to run the table and hope the Giants come down to Earth.

@streetztalk:  I refuse to reply to Skoob’s email unless he changes his white blazer avi in his Gmail. Lol

@TheKidSkoob: Hahaha…Comedy!

@ddixon2281: The NFC East will be decided on Sunday Night Football on Dec. 11th when the New York Giants (8-4) face the Dallas Cowboys (8-4) in Big D.

@TheKidSkoob:  Both 8-4 by then huh? Hilarious. Don’t let your Fandom cloud your vision my man! FYI, we’re also 2-1 in the division…Which is what matters most

@zawillia (Lions): GB – Agree w/ all your points.  The Packers offense is there best defense.  However we all know defense wins championships.  I don’t think this is sustainable or that they can go all the way w/ this defense

49ers – Now these dudes have a DEF.  I believe the stat is they have injured 5 of 8 opposing starting RB’s.   Alex Smith is the new Trent Dilfer.  This team ‘could… go … all… the… way…”
BAL – Strongest veteran leadership in the league.   They figure out how to win.  Not a league leader in any category but they are winners.   Hopefully sweeping PIT gets Flacco more respect however the real respect comes when he beats PIT in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
Lions – We *cough* they are good but have holes: lack the big play RB, secondary is suspect, D-line isn’t getting the same push, youth, etc.  My biggest concern is consistency; however, we still have the best WR in the game.  We can easily drop to 6th best after Thanksgiving.
Giants – Eli at this level of play is scary.  They have a Kevin “Who Da” Boss replacement and at least four receivers that can make a play.  Defense is holding up there end.  The kicker is they are listening to Coughlin right now.  I think they beat San Fran this weekend.
PIT – Their next 7 games are a cakewalk minus the Bengals and San Fran.  They are a solid wild card.   I don’t count out Ben.
Watch out for: Bears, Falcons, & Jets (they all have won three straight.
Note:  The Saints are not a top 7 team.  Brees is the Favre except both have a ring but the NO storyline lets him get away with it.  His passing yards are sick but rhe INT’s make you sick.
Note 2:  Houston is over 500 this early in the season for the first time in the history of the franchise and the DEF is going down hill…don’t get gassed.

@MrGetItOnJones: 2-1 is all good but if y’all continue to slide in other games, that won’t matter. Ask Oakland. I still think they have a shot but they gotta get it together. Perhaps convince Antonio Pierce and Keith Bulluck to play a few games. They can’t be worse than the linebackers you have now. And run the offense around Shady.

@TheKidSkoob:  Haynesworth got cut today…His old d-line coach is coaching for us, and tried VERY HARD to get him. I think we’ll be on the market for him. A motivated Haynesworth next to Cullen Jenkins is def. a prob!

@MrGetItOnJones: Problem is that they thought Big Al would be motivated in NE. Also, if he’s the savior, you’re in a precarious position. Luckily, the Cards will provide the medicine to your ills. Win the two games after that and then we’re talkin.

@zawillia: Key word: ‘motivated’ which escaped his vocabulary in 2009.

@streetztalk: Haynesworth is a bum unless the G-men pick him up lol…
Seriously, if NE cut him that’s saying a lot. Philly must chill, in my opinion.

@MidtownMo: I thought he was supposed to be motivated as a Pat? He’s a non-factor.

@ddixon2281: I considered saying 7-5 (for the Cowboys, and that honestly wouldn’t surprise me, but…


I don’t think it’s necessarily fandom saying they will win all of those.  In fact, I am more critical than most “Dallas” fans these days.

@TheKidSkoob:  True…That Washington game will be tough, and the Arizona game might be a Trap Game!

@ddixon2281: I am with you.  The game at Arizona scares me the most, especially if we win the next 3 and then are staring a prime time game hosting the Giants the following week.   Just handle business against Buffalo this week and we are onto something.  And this concludes my Cowboys talk for the day.


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