seveneighteen Podcast: The Gift…and The Curse…of Tim Tebow

No, we’re not disparaging the most polarizing quarterback in the NFL since Michael Vick was released from jail. But on today’s podcast, I explain why you should never bet against The Based God Tim Tebow. Also, Midtown Mo continues to rip apart DeSean Jackson and we call 49ers  fan @BrieVanessa to discuss their loss to my Baltimore Ravens.

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6 thoughts on “seveneighteen Podcast: The Gift…and The Curse…of Tim Tebow

  1. I think you meant 3 scores. They were down 15-0 to Miami and won. And if we take it back to last season, I think they trailed Houston by like 20 and won.

    Also… I hope Mo didnt just jinx my squad.

    1. You can overcome a 15-point deficit in two possessions, which is what Denver did to Miami.

      And good call the Texans game, they were down 17 at the half. My caveat? Houston’s defense last year was super suspect.

      1. Yeah I think we are saying the same thing. They can handle a 2 score deficit (anything in the 14, 15, 16 neighborhood), but get up by 3 scores and you’ve got to like your chances.

        Houston’s d is suspect and they played soft and let him come back.

    1. We only call you when your team loses, which means…

      a) If Stevie Johnson could ever make a catch inside of 2 minutes, we would have called you.

      b) We definitely shoulda called you last week! #Tebow

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