seveneighteen presents The #YNDL Tour, Vol. 1

This is the first of a series of podcasts dedicated to answering the questions of our listeners who, quite frankly, don’t listen very well. But instead of tearing them a new one behind their backs, we invite them on the show to deal with the wrath in person. How thoughtful are we?

Our first guest is Paris Moore, a New Yorker now living in the Bay Area, who had these questions:

Why do we (Midtown Mo and I) think UFC is better than boxing?
Why are we on Manny Pacquiao’s jock?
Why are Knicks fans so irrational to the point that they’ll believe they can beat anyone when they can’t?

Midtown Mo and myself, along with @MrGetItOnJones, respond as only we can… with anger and vigor and all that good stuff.

Click here to listen on a mobile device (or right click & hit “Save As” to download).


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