Podcast: Frank Ocean… Pioneer or Publicity Stunt?

William H. Strafe & Midtown Mo discuss the Frank Ocean announcement with Streetz, Vlad Jones & Cousin D. Why was Mo calling out women who were applauding his announcement?

Click here if you’re on a mobile device (or right click and hit Save As to download).


One thought on “Podcast: Frank Ocean… Pioneer or Publicity Stunt?

  1. One of my fb friends posted: Hey Ladies!!! Frank Ocean is a talented singer/song writter who has admitted to being Bi-sexual. My question is would you seriously date a Bi-sexual man?

    My Response:
    You don’t have to be homophobic to say that you wouldn’t date a bi-sexual man. I just don’t want to have sex with a man who has sex with other men (unless he was abused or something). I know some men who don’t like bi-sexual women. In fact, when I was in high school my boyfriend had broke up with the girl he was with before me because she was bi and I didn’t bring up any of my homosexual desires. Yes, I am attracted to women sexually and have been with one but I wouldn’t be with a bi-sexual man. Double standards? Of course, but that’s the world we live in… I wouldn’t knowingly date a bisexual man. I do feel like when a man has become intimate with another man, he is “gay” in the sense of he definitely likes men. I think that women can have sex with one another without truly liking women (we’ll do the shit for y’all, to be 100). I wouldn’t want to have sex with a man who likes other men. I’d have to let that one pass and send him to my best friend Matteo lol.

    A Bi-Sexual Man’s response: I’ve gotten that a lot. I hear that bisexual men are just on their way to sucking dick full time, and bisexual women are just going through a phase. The only conclusion I can draw from that is that everyone thinks dick is magical and addictive.

    My Response: No! It’s not about dick being magical and addictive; it’s about there being no mistake that sex has occurred when there’s a dick involved! Like when I think about my “count”– the number of people I’ve had sex with– I don’t necessarily include the girl because there was no penetration. The act of penetrating or being penetrated is “magical”; being inside of someone or having someone inside of you is “magical.” And so now I’m thinking, what if the dude only got his dick sucked or sucked some dick? I still will consider him gay because you have to make a conscious decision to do such and there’s immense social and psychological pressure against doing that. Now, if a girl eats some pussy, is she gay? Not necessarily. The media is telling us to be freaks and do everything under the sun but that’s all in hopes of attracting and keeping a man.

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