Jeremy Lin Just Isn’t Worth It

For everyone who says the Knicks MUST match offer made to Jeremy Lin by the Houston Rockets, regardless of the salary cap & luxury cap ramifications because “he’ll make all the money back,” then listen to ESPN sports business expert Darren Rovell on the Stephen A. Smith Show on Monday shatter your dreams like Jordan.

(Audio courtesy of ESPN New York 98.7 FM)


3 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Just Isn’t Worth It

  1. I still think Jeremy Lin can do big things in Houston if given a decent personnel. He started out with the Knicks without Melo and Stoudemire so he just needs some pieces. The Rockets have totally decimated their roster so he might struggle mightily in year one if they don’t get him some help but a high lottery pick could change all of that. I definitely don’t see him falling flat on his face but he probably won’t be worth the money in terms of just him as a basketball player though. Also, could you please take a gander over at my blog cuz I wanna know what you have to say

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