Campbell Dome Stories, Vol. 1: A History in Hip-Hop

The idea for the seveneighteen podcast came from the discussions and arguments between myself and my friends over the years, on a variety of topics ranging from sports to music to chicks (and everything in between). Many of these discussions occurred in Vlad Jones-McFly’s crib, affectionately known as the Campbell Dome.

This past Saturday was the first time we actually recorded one of these rants. We  started with who was the better MC: KRS-One, Rakim or Big Daddy Kane. From there, the conversation moved to a litany of topics, including:

  • Is LL Cool J the greatest ever? Did Canibus save LL’s career?
  • Are all rappers nowadays the same?
  • Where does Snoop (Dogg? Lion?) rank among the all-time greats?
  • 2 Chainz = Frisbee Music?
  • What happens when a Black man pulls out a book on the subway?
  • Did Nas get wack? Has Jay-Z fallen off?
  • Funkmaster Flex… love him or hate him?

Besides trimming off the last three minutes (cause it got out of hand, lol), this podcast is being presented as is. Starring myself, Vlad, his brother Mack Mittens, cousins Roger Dean and Treasure, E-Lolo and Dutch.

To download, right click and hit “Save As.”


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