Mondays Suck: I Like Mike (D’Antoni) | 11.12.12

I am a Knicks fan, through and through. I bleed orange and blue.

But if and when (and I emphasize WHEN) the Knicks’ championship quest ends, I will be rocking purple and blue pom-poms for the Lakers to win it all, if only for one reason: Mike D’Antoni deserves it.

I’m sick and tired of everyone who says D’Antoni will never win a title because he doesn’t emphasize defense. Just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it cannot be done.

Some point to his Phoenix teams as proof. I can argue that he never had his full team in any playoff run,  particularly in 2005, where Joe Johnson missed the first three games of the Western Conference Finals against the  Spurs (say what you want about Joe Johnson, but he was their THIRD best player, behind Steve Nash & Amar’e Stoudemire).

Some may point to his time in New York. I’ll say if you ever thought D’Antoni ever had anything close to a championship team during his tenure here, I’ll go half on the Brooklyn Bridge with you.

Yes, Phil Jackson is a better coach, through and through. But maybe Mike D’Antoni is a better fit.

(Besides, I would pay money to see the look on Carmelo Anthony’s face after Mike D’Antoni wins a championship. Wouldn’t you?)

In other news….

– Speaking of the Lakers, I think it’s clear Dr. Jerry Buss is on the George Steinbrenner Last Lap track at this point. I remember when The Boss suddenly was no longer seen in public, turned over control of the Yankees to his sons, but was supposedly “involved” in major decisions. When was the last time anyone without the last name Buss or Kupchak saw Dr. Buss?

– The aforementioned Knicks have four wins in four games, all by double-digits. However, Philly and Dallas didn’t have their best player, and the Heat clearly didn’t want to be there. The Knicks have three games in next four days coming starting tomorrow: at Orlando, at San Antonio, at Memphis. If the Knicks are 6-1 (or better) after this stretch, then I’ll start to believe.

– Rex Ryan says Mark Sanchez is still his quarterback because “he gives us the best chance to win.” At this point, Rex is just trying to save his ego at this point.   Granted, it’s not like the Jets have an arsenal of offensive weapons, but when Mark Sanchez pulls plays like this, I’ve seen enough. Stop shining your AFC Finalist rings, Jets fans. And give Tim Tebow a shot. Look, I’m no big fan of Tebow, but he deserves better than this.

– The Cowboys beat a pathetic Eagles team yesterday. Next week, they’ll beat the terrible Browns at Jerry World, which will bring them to 5-5. This will lead to the sports talking heads (and delusional Cowboys fans) began to spew about the Cowboys’ chances to make a playoff run. Meanwhile, the rational Cowboys fans (trust me, there are some), will channel their inner Al Pacino.


2 thoughts on “Mondays Suck: I Like Mike (D’Antoni) | 11.12.12

  1. I wanted Phil. The entire Lakers nation wanted Phil. Here’s the key point… Jim Buss is deadset on letting everyone know that he’s in charge. He’s the new Fredo. Just playing devil’s advocate if you’re in charge and someone told you, “Well I don’t really want to travel all that much, I want more control over basketball decisions and $10m. Yeah and i’ll hit you up on Monday to let you know whether with all that i’ll still take the job.”

    What would you tell them?

    “How about I give you the finger? And you give me my phone call.”

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