This Is It | 1.16.13: No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper


On this week’s show, @WilliamHStrafe@streetztalk, @MrGetItOnJones & @315Ness discuss the following…

• The Ravens’ upset over the Broncos and which Bronco(s) get(s) the most blame (3:00)
• The Hater’s Call with Broncos’ fan DJ Triz & whether was it worth it to get rid of Tim Tebow (13:45)
• Streetz copping pleas after the Cesspool Falcons pulled the win over the Seahawks out of their arses (25:00)
• Ness reveals his side hustle (35:00)
• Oddsmakers on the Falcons’ chances to win at home against the 49ers (36:00)
• Why the Ravens can beat the Patriots & Strafe explains to the gambling novices what a two-team teaser is (41:00)
• Strafe reads his Dumb Tweet of the Week (49:40)

DOWNLOAD | (Right-click/Ctrl-click and hit “Save As”)


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