This Is It | 5.1.13: Collins v. Griner & The NBA Playoffs


After a bit of technical difficulty, we got one of our best podcasts ever going. Rolling seven deep with Midtown Mo, Streetz, Dr. J, Joe Sargent, Bob Canada & McFly, we discussed a lot…

  • Hater’s Call to Streetz for being DEAD WRONG about the Bucks winning a game against Miami (1:00)… and the Celtics stink
  • Sacramento secures public funding for a new area, keeping the Kings  (most likely) away from Seattle. Is this nothing more than corporate welfare? Seattle-area native Bob Canada chimes in (9:00)
  • Jason Collins comes out of the closet. I say, so what? Midtown Mo says it’s unfair that Jason Collins got more publicity than Brittney Griner. A shouting match ensues & we start playing the Feud! (23:00)
  • Who will start for the Jets in Week 1 (58:00), does the Bills’ pick of EJ Manuel mean that Ryan Nassib stinks? (1:06:00) and the NFL Draft recap

Click here to check out the show. (Right click and hit “Save As” to download.)


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