The “Dynasty” Ends Tonight

pierce carried off
William H. Strafe has heard the chirping from the Boston fans (along with the rest of the bandwagon jumpers across America) and finds it hilarious that everyone suddenly thinks the Knicks will lose this series. Not so fast, he says

First of all, we will win Game 6.

Second, quit it with the ’04 comparisons. Last I checked, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz aren’t starting at the 3 and the 4 for the Celtics.

Third, too much is being made out of the fact that the Knicks were “unprofessional” to wear black suits to Game 5 Wednesday night. Mike Greenberg on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike said that championship teams don’t pull moves like that in a first round series.

While he may be right, I can understand why they did that… because the Celtics are probably the most annoying team in the league.

Yes, they won the title in 2008, and I am a firm believer that in life, to the victor go the spoils. But when that victory came when George W. Bush was still president, the victor has to spoil at some point.

Only three guys from that team are still in Boston now (and one of them has half an ACL). But the way they carry themselves (and the way the media treats them sometimes), you’d swear they were a dynasty, going after ring number four. I do respect championships, but a lot of teams have won one in a row.

While it may not have been right for the Knicks to treat Game 5 like a funeral… I understand why. All this chest-thumping, combined with Kevin Garnett’s fake tough guy act (after the Knicks win, James White should take one for the team and just deck him in the face) and Paul Pierce strutting around like he’s the black Larry Bird (“Hey, ref, I’m supposed to get that call… I got a championship ring!”) and the act can wear thin. Hell, it pisses me off and I’m simply a fan. I can only imagine how LeBron felt after Game 5 in Miami in last year’s conference finals.

Last year, after years and years of hearing that crap, LeBron James walked into Boston in a Game 6 and took their hearts… and the Celtics, no matter what they tell you, have never fully recovered.

Tonight, the Knicks will take their soul.

The “dynasty” ends tonight.


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