#seveneighteen Podcast: A Tale of Two Teams (Down 3-0)

Midtown Mo and William H. Strafe induct four people into the Hoes Be Winning Hall of Fame and Hater’s Call @MzSAS after the Mavericks got swept by Oklahoma City. The fellas also discuss the possibility of the Knicks winning Game 5, what would happen if they actually came back from 3-0, why the Atlanta Hawks … More #seveneighteen Podcast: A Tale of Two Teams (Down 3-0)

#seveneighteen Podcast: PLAYOFFS?!?!? (NBA Edition)

@MidtownMo & @WilliamHStrafe discuss the Ron Artest elbow and preview the NBA playoffs, including how far can the Knicks go. They also discuss the Darelle Revis contract situation, Wale’s bet to cut his hair if Tim Tebow starts six games for the Jets and Mo inducts Deion Sanders into the Hoes Be Winning Hall of Fame. Click … More #seveneighteen Podcast: PLAYOFFS?!?!? (NBA Edition)

#seveneighteen Podcast: All Over The Place

@MidtownMo & @WilliamHStrafe literally go all over the place on today’s show. We talk with our Orlando Magic correspondent @BobbyDrake203 about why Dwight Howard is a bitch, as well as induct D12 in the #HoesBeWinning Hall of Fame, along with Antonio Cromartie. We also discuss with Super Producer Jo Mead aka @MzSAS how in the hell … More #seveneighteen Podcast: All Over The Place

#seveneighteen Podcast: You Had One Job! ONE!

After a two-week hiatus, we return to discuss Ozzie Guillen’s stupid comments and Bobby Petrino’s stupid actions. We also discuss the “resurgence” of Carmelo Anthony, why Kanye West & Lamar Odom are girly men (not in those words) and present the newest evidence for Hoes Be Winning: Warren Sapp. Hit play below to listen. Click here if … More #seveneighteen Podcast: You Had One Job! ONE!