Podcast: Is Brett Favre an @sshole? (And other stories)

So, by popular demand, we at seveneighteen are going to TRY to podcast once a week, at least. One will be about sports, and the other will be about whatever’s the hot topic at the time… which means we’ll be talking about money, hoes and rims againnnnnn. This week, @MidtownMo and I chat about ¬†few … More Podcast: Is Brett Favre an @sshole? (And other stories)

NFL Lines Week 15

Welcome to the show that’s sweeping the Internet nation, I’m Throwing You Under The Bus with William H. Strafe Today’s guest: Cousin Zane, who decided to send in his picks at 9:45 PM Saturday night. That’s why you’re just getting picks right now. He sent me his pick for the Thursday night game, but Saturday … More NFL Lines Week 15

NFL Lines Week 6

Your favorite degenerate gamblers (for entertainment purposes only, wink wink) are back. You know the drill by now. We pick the games (always against the spread), then watch them go down the drain. At least, that’s what they do. I watch my picks pan out for the most part (see: 10-4 last week). Trying to … More NFL Lines Week 6